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Gaia is driven by a small and dedicated team of stylists. Our salon is the manifestation of our founder’s life-long passion for hair, and desire to grow. 

meet the founder

Zenobia has been obsessed with hair for as long as she can remember. At 14, she got her first job in a small hairdresser’s salon in the UK as a shampoo girl, it was here that her passion for creating beautiful hair and providing a blissful service were ignited. 

As she grew, so did her love for hair, beauty, and people. While completing her Bachelor in Business Management and commencing her Masters of Social Work, Zenobia assisted in her Mother’s beauty salon offering hair styling and makeup services. After graduating university, she worked all over the UK in a corporate role, while also working with MAC Cosmetics and freelancing in bridal hair and makeup. 

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Zenobia always knew that one day her corporate career would underpin her drive to create a space that incorporated her passion for hair, beauty and ethical practices. 

Finally, a move to Melbourne in 2016 re-ignited her desire to work in salons, and she made the transition into the hairdressing industry. 

Gaia is the culmination of Zenobia’s love of people, planet, and creativity, it is the sanctuary that plays home to her deepest passions, and she welcomes you to join her and the Gaia team in nourishing hair, soul and earth. 

meet chandra

Chan and Channy

Gippsland / Aliona

  • happy
  • creative
  • focused
  • engaged
  • hardworking

Hollywood waves, mermaid waves or money piece.

I love making people feel amazing and bringing out their natural vibes.

Easy rider as you can create different looks with it.

I used to play AFL and love fashion!

My mum and dad as they have inspired me to a different way in my life.

Becoming my own person and feeling fully confident in myself.

My car not breaking down and I’m grateful for every morning!

chandra image1

meet D'Koda

Not really but I do get called “Koda” for short.

Tre Northern Territory, Darwin

  • kind
  • loving
  • strong willed
  • adventurous
  • ambitious

Natural, lived in hair.

Being creative and making a difference – having the ability to make someones day.

The Restore (Kevin Murphy) I love the papaya smell and the softness of the product. A beautiful in-between wash.

As a child, I would never brush or let anyone brush my hair. I am a bookworm.

My husband, he keeps inspiring me everyday to do my best and have constant belief in myself.

Creating a warm, fun, safe home for my family in Melbourne and more adventures.

Marble run / connetix for my daughter.

My hands (recently broke my wrist). Being able to have mobility and movement.

meet Taylah

Altona, Melbourne, Victoria

easy going





Elephant – I like them but the test said Pantha

Bright pops of colour! Or an edgy short cut.

Being a free spirit, being able to express who I am but also to help my guests find their feet in their own journey of creativity.

I am a twin, and have a twin brother.

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We’re about switching off, going inward, and doing something for yourself.