we genuinely care about our guests and our planet

At Gaia we genuinely care about our guests and our planet. That’s why we’ve created a space for you to switch off and go inwards, incorporating the healing properties of rose quartz, calming detox waters and grounding warm stones into each experience. All while knowing that your rebalancing isn’t costing the earth. 

We are ethical and sustainable in every sense, carefully curating the highest quality hair experience for our guests. 

We’re a salon that feels more like a home, brimming with friends, love, and sustainable practices. We go above and beyond for your hair and the environment, cultivating an experience like no other.




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Gaia’s stylists are creatives at heart, with years of experience and a deep passion for creating the best hair imaginable. To us, hairdressing is an artform, with each unique person a new and exciting canvas to work with; we do it for the love of hair. 


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We’ve only got one home, so we’ve got to look after it as best we can. That’s why we are sustainable in every sense, from the products we use, to the disposal of hair clippings, and through to the treats we offer our guests in-house. 


gaia studio melbourne hair salon point cook 11

Coming into Gaia is like coming home. We know that you come in for more than just great hair, so we have curated a quality experience that will have you looking and feeling your best when you walk out the door.


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Everyone’s unique beauty is certainly worth celebrating, so we’re passionate about inclusion of all and harm done to none.

We’re about switching off, going inward, and doing something for yourself.